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'He never saw a real fairy, and he was never at sea in a tempest.'

just assume I like everything I reblog to a certain extent, of course...

when you get to the bottom of a page either scroll up or do a .com/page/2 etc. good times



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Sky Ferreira and Ariel Pink do “My Molly”.

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DKNY Pre Fall 2014.


DKNY Pre Fall 2014.

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Sky Ferreira at my studio #7


Sky Ferreira at my studio #7

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partyprogram said: Write 10 things about yourself an pass it to 10 of your favourite followers! (≧ω≦)

60% of the time when I’m making cheese on toast I melt cheese in the microwave.

I haven’t been on tumblr for like a month or something or a year I’m not sure. What day is it 

I’ve unwittingly become nocturnal over the last few days

I ate my flatmates’ digestives during the night and I feel really bad about it

I will buy some digestives on the weekend

I’ve just decided that if I ever have a son his name will be Jack Whitehall, including the Whitehall bit. (Named after his father.) 

I really want nandos 

I’m currently trying not to fall asleep before brand new tickets go on sale 

I had a nightmare last night :( I think it’s biscuit related karma 

I can’t believe I just counted to ten. I’m really quite delusional at the moment.  

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